Off Grid Fam

Off Grid Fam is a family of music makers and body shakers. They bring lyricism, beatboxing, drumming, dancing, break dancing, goofy moments of goodness and silly spontaneity.

Off Grid Fam is a collective of artists inspired by positive energy, to share a powerful message of conscious necessity. Musicians and Artists from all walks and ages of life bring together their “art from the heart” that reflects love of life and the power of creativity. They provides a unique experience of positive vibrations and visual splendor, underground sounds laced with positive lyrics and exquisite skills of cirque nature.

“Their positive poetry projection shares their love of creation, so they may serve as messengers for Mother Earth. They spread love and speak their truth, inspire unity through inner knowing and create peace with music and art.”

Workshops & Presentations

  • Dance to the Drum with Lyicist Ize & Young Ike

    60 min | Altar of Earth

    Lyicist Ize and Young Ike teach basic drum techniques and patterns that will build up to a drum circle. Mina and Tulan will dance along to the beat while offering simple, creative movement for anyone wanting to get down!

  • Hip Hop Dance

    60 min | The Lighthouse

    Learn fast paced, high energy choreography and get a work out while having fun!! This is an intermediate class, some dance experience required. Possibility to perform on stage!!

  • Off Grid Fam

    60 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    Some of our teen performers have been dancing on the stages of Lucidity since it's inception. Inspire your little ones with their stories of growth and witness how far they've come. We chose our favorites to share with you in a mini performance followed up by a Q&A. Watch a variety of entertainment from our multi-talented crew, then stick around to ask your questions.

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