Brian Gibbs is the founder of the Repotrax and Ugly Boy Music labels. Best known for more than 100 vinyl releases as Gunjack (ranging from techno to dubstep to rap), Brian was also responsible for the 80s boogie revival outfit called Echo Park, releasing several vinyl, CD and digital releases through Skream’s iconic – Disfigured Dubz imprint. Since then Gibbs has focused mostly on 160bpm footwork/juke music, integrating a rapid fire, super technical take on the already burgeoning genre. Boiler Room and Mixmag have done features on Repotrax and Gunjack and his music is played by icons like DJ Surgeon, Ben Sims, Dave Clark, Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Aphex Twin, DJ Spinn, Ashes57, Dbridge, Scorn, Sam Binga, Swindle and countless others. Gibbs has been very media shy and reclusive for years and this year’s contribution to Lucidity comes in the form of personal instruction: Gibbs will be teaching musical production and audio visual mixing also know as VJing. This is a rare appearance designed to foment interest in the electronic arts and expose children/family to the constructive and artistic side of high tech culture!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Interactive Electronic Music Clinic

    90 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    This workshop will teach kids how to make beats. With more than 100 vinyl records in the marketplace, participants will go home with an mp3 of the song they made! Parents can participate too!! Gunjack speaks Japanese, English and Spanish.

  • Learn to Be a VJ (Video Jockey)

    90 min | The Lighthouse

    This workshop will teach kids (and parents) how basic, rhythmic video animations set to music can be done. Gunjack speaks Japanese, English and Spanish.

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