Ashley Klemens

Ashley Klemens is passionate about guiding people in the process of self discovery, healing, transformation, and embodiment through integration of powerful holistic healing techniques. As a certified 500 hour Yoga, Buti Yoga, & Yin Yoga teacher, Yoga assistant and inspirational speaker, Ashley creates safe and uplifting containers to use the power of mindfulness, Yoga, dance, meditation, breathwork, human connection, creativity, and self expression to empower others to tap into their inner truth, consciousness, and fullest expression to embody their divine light and let it shine. Thriving as a young adult, Ashley has built a healthy, fulfilling life centered on balance, regeneration, and healing techniques tocsupport her in a wholehearted, content life experience. She desires to reach the adolescent youth in inspiring them to live a meaningful, vibrant, and soul-filling life using these healing tools of body/mind awareness and integration. Because of the rising social media epidemic, mental health challenges, social conditioning, and collective adolescent unconsciousness, Ashley speaks on the power of mindfulness and touches on the effect of social media and mental health at high schools all over Northern California, and teaches Highschool Yoga as well. Ashley aims to empower and encourage not only the youth, but all beings in the process of self transformation, to fully step into their authentic truth, and let their lights shine.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Art of Self Discovery

    120 min | The Lighthouse

    This offering is for young adults to focus on authentic exploration within themselves.It involves a dynamic, engaging Yoga practice and free form movement expression. This process of being fully present in your body and life ripples out into relationships with family, friends, community, society and Mother Earth.

    In this workshop you will dive into:

    *Exploration of your inner landscape, through mindfulness techniques of meditation & breathwork.
    *Discovery of the power and expression of your body as a wise guide, resource for our life and vehicle for transformation through body awareness & mindful movement.
    *Discuss and journal about the art of self discovery and how it supports you in your entire experience of life.

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