I AM Family Garden

I AM Family Garden is a pillar community of Lucidity Festival. Located in the Realm of Earth in our New Story, you will find familiar faces and offerings for both children and adults. From daily children’s activities and workshops to evening family-friendly music with special guests – you might just spend the majority of your time immersed in family fun!

Together, in this open-source setting, we will engage children with workshops, playshops, art, music, dance and food, enabling them to feel like a part of the festival rather than just being along for the ride with their parents. With treats for everyone in your tribe, like music you can’t help but dance to, body painting, activating your superpower or setting the tone with a morning drum circle, all are sure to enjoy the vibe. Everyone is invited to join in the “Grande Finale Parade” on Sunday where we intend on remembering our dreams and waking up to their beauty, as ONE family.

Activities and Information

Join the Wizard Scouts!

Core philosophies

We Always Do Our Best
We are Kind and Helpful to Others
We Leave Things Better Than We Found Them
We Are All Growing Into The Best Versions Of Ourselves
Magic is Real and Can Be Found All Around Us
We Are Here To Make The World A More Magical Place

We believe that by teaching our youth these practical and magical skills early on, we are helping create a framework for a lifetime of purpose, wonder and fulfillment.

Come to Soul Palace Imaginarium to find the wizards!

These Environments can be found in this Realm:

  • Soul Palace Imaginarium

    Welcome home to your Imaginarium, where whimsy and dreams come to life. Located in the heart of the Earth Realm, this family orientated, all aged space offers a variety of things.

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  • Lucid Creation Station

    Join Mom, local artist and resident, Amanda McColpin at this interactive jewelry creation station learning how to make your own necklaces, pendants and clasp rings! Pick out charms or feel free to leave a few for the next person.

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  • Whimsical WiSH Wagon

    With a great big smile and round of cheer, we welcome Penelope Pendragon this year! She brings beautiful bubbles that ease everyone’s troubles and she’s bringing the WiSH Wagon too!

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  • Flowers’ Moving Castle

    Visit The Flowers and their Dream Temple on wheels in The Family Garden where they will be offering an assortment of magical gifts and experiences for the Lucidity tribe.

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  • The Riley Rainbow Family Circus Encampment

    Visit The Riley Rainbow Family Circus Encampment to discover how a family of 7 lives on the road together in their tiny Gypsy Wagon. Experience this family built treasure on wheels by visiting the Earth Realm, where I AM Family Garden is nestled.

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  • Dome of the Space Wanderer

    One of the original settings within Family Garden, Dome of the Space Wanderer is a unique structure built of up-cycled materials, filled with creative intention and fun.

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  • 9 Energies Theme Camp

    9 Energies offers the experience of Natural Energy Identification! Susan and Martin facilitate a simple physical process that informs which of the 9 physiologically bodies you have.

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