Building the Lighthouse; Big Art at Lucidity

An InnovationWorks Offering

April 2-5, 2018

In our Innovation Works practicum learn from instructor Chad ‘Fez’ Gaetz of Alchemy Arts Collective how “Big Art” becomes reality. Our journey begins in the imagination as we discuss what types of works have inspired us in our lives, deciphering the tangible differences of these works and how they’ve been achieved. As a team we will be working to create a large-scale sculpture as a gathering location for Lucidity’s youth. Covering all aspects of the project’s life-cycle, we will use and implement a 5 stage process for managing this project while we work hands on to create it. Prepare yourself to mix aspects of open forum conversations, inventive discussions, hands on practicum including material handling and usage of power tools, and coordinated teamwork to build big art on a short festival timeline!

  • Hands on fabrication and assembly of “Pharos,” the Lucidity Lighthouse as a beacon for youth.
  • Learn and implement the 5 stages of a project, from concept to reality
  • From wood construction to welded metal fabrication, learn hands on skills to large scale assembly
  • Discuss and learn what materials are used when and why.
  • Discover your strengths while you co-create as part of a team of diverse talents, what are yours?
Immerse yourself in the process of fabricating a featured large-scale sculpture from concept to finish.

Meet the Instructor(s) For the Week

  • Chad “Fez” Gaetz

    Versed in the poetics of pragmatic fabrication, Chad ‘Fez’ Gaetz turns his visions into large scale realities. As the lead artist and founder of Alchemy Arts Collective, Fez has designed and constructed stand alone sculptures, environments and stages showing for Google, Linkedin, Bumbershoot, Symbiosis, Electric Daisy Carnival, our very own Lucidity Festival and many others.

    Steeped in fabrication and construction, Fez began swinging hammers and manipulating materials at a young age for his family construction business. Once finished with formal technical design education in Washington State, Fez travelled to the wilds of Alaska deeper unfolding his love for the great outdoors. His passion for the outdoors soon took him to the great white continent of Antarctica where for nearly a decade he has crewed for a ship based tourism operation and continues to lead expeditions annually. It’s from here that he’s found inspiration from nature’s ice sculpture garden, the shades, magnitude, and textures, thusly creating works that are large in scale and compelling in form.

    Fez chose Portland Oregon as his home and location for fabrication, creating works from a combination of materials and modalities including steel, wood, fabric, rigging, paints and illumination.