The Art Temple Templars

An Independent Study Offering

April 2-5, 2018

This experiential workshop is designed to give you a new mindset for a new time. Join change agent, former Disney Animator & master creator, Dave Zaboski and the Art Temple Crew to jump start your new or existing project. Consider this, an intensive opportunity in expanding your mind and heart. This “Student-Driven Independent Project” is for Returning CourseWeek Students or those with a developed project, clarity of purpose, and desire to take it to next step (discount included)!

Creativity is a key component to a powerful, positive future. And the tools for empowering your mind and heart are closer than you think. Change is happening. We cannot use old thinking to solve new challenges. We need to find ways to keep up with our rapidly changing world. The time is upon us to develop, cultivate and nurture a plasticity of vision and creativity such that we understand and practice a more vibrant way of seeing, being, and collaborating. Rapid change must be guided intelligently. Are you willing to be part of the solution for a more conscious, more connected world? Join us to cultivate an Exponential Mindset so that your humanity and compassion can grow as fast as our technology.

  • Practices necessary for developing an Exponential Mindset
  • The keys deep creators have used for centuries to turn thoughts into things with ease and grace
  • Tools for innovation, collaboration and mastery used at Disney and beyond
  • Real world practices you can use immediately to change your life for good
“Resolute Imagination is beginning of all magical operations” - Paracelusus

Meet the Instructor(s) For the Week

  • Dave Zaboski

    Dave Zaboski is our 2018 Lucid University Courseweek Headmaster. He is a classically trained painter, illustrator, author and former Senior Animator with Disney, Sony and Warner Bros. He has been the expedition artist on a search for a lost temple in the Andes and painted for the Dalai Lama. He guides workshops and teaches collaborative creativity at Google, Hulu, YouTube and is on the faculty of Singularity University. He also teaches at world renown retreat centers like Esalen, Summit, The Chopra Center, and Rancho La Puerta among others. He brings with him a cadre of expert creators in many fields and their combined wisdom and creativity will cook up a potent field for advancing any idea to its highest expression in the world.

  • Tony Koehl

    World renowned Death Metal album cover artist Tony Koehl who has used his creative visions on movies such as Van Helsing and Pirates of the Caribbean and Charmed. Creating hundreds of album covers and making a name for himself in the wildly creative sector of Death Metal music he has enjoyed since his youth, Tony’s work bends the genre of image making and gives him a unique insight into the art of dark and light . His 3rd eye enigma series shows the world how amazing we all are, tapping into deeply mental images to illustrate the power we have to make our own realities and to gain a better life for all. Tony Koehl has showcased his art throughout Southern California, New York and Japan.

  • Garrett Ramsey Staab

    Garrett Ramsey Staab is a renowned tattoo artists living in Tucson and one of the Guardians of Art Temple. After his stint in the armed services Garret dedicated his life to the study of peaceful practices and art. He is the lead production foreman for Art Temple and a dutiful manager for all aspects of the realization of Art Temple in the world.