Drama Free Love

A CommunityWorks Offering

April 2-5, 2018

Learn to live with all the love and navigate drama with grace. Clear core family wounds of your lineage so you don’t pass them to your children. Learn how to keep energy clean between you and your partner, allowing for conflict without drama. This course is for anyone! Singles, couples, couples with children, anyone who loves, works or regularly supports children!

*Note: You will need one pass for each participant in this course over 12 years of age. 12 and under is Free.

  • Take time to look at the inner narrative that most affects your life and relationships.
  • Dispel the myth about soulmates and the one perfect match.
  • Step by step methods for dissolving conflict and reigniting passion. Words as tools, not weapons.
  • Words as tools, not weapons.
  • Commitment vs Devotion.
  • Looking at the past to clear blockages from past heartbreak, betrayal or setbacks causing us to withhold love in the present.
  • Open your heart to trust again.
  • Sensuality in all areas of living.
Be excited to join us for a fully embodied exploration of life!

Meet the Instructor(s) For the Week

  • Sean & Marina Riley

    Sean Riley (Father, Husband, Community Organizer, Environmental Engineer, Musician) plays in the Award winning multi cultural permanent troupe Of The Earth. With his Wife’s Mariana consciously elevating lyrics and Sean’s global rhythms together they spread a message of infinite possibilities in love.

    As an active community member Sean is respected for his ability to create and hold space for both the divine masculine and feminine to shine together. His men’s group The Embodied Masculine has been active for over 4 years, recently going online and growing fast.

    Sean and Mariana are currently cultivating a parental permaculture living design called Activating the Sacred Family through Conscious living and parenting.

    Mariana Riley (Mother, Musician, Birth worker, Community Organizer) founded Of The Earth Community. A thriving, active, urban community living and healing art space for families. Located in the beautiful Arizona desert at the base of Sacred South Mountain.

    Along with her husband Sean, Mariana directs the award winning performance group Of The Earth and The Riley Rainbow Family Circus. She is currently designing a birth method called Belly Birthing.

  • Growing New Together

    Sean and Mariana have been married 14 year, together 16 years. Working and raising children together in Community they have faced and designed conflict resolution that fortifies our metaphysical architecture with love. This creates a space of infinite possibilities.

    Sean and Mariana believe that through the practical application of conscious living and parenting we can elevate to what they call Full Family Tribal in all of our relationships.