Vajra is a visionary artist and story teller who paints to share stories he feels make the greatest contribution to our collective experience. Beyond time and space is a realm of pure potential, a boundless ocean of information in a perpetual waveform. Through his brush he amplifies and collapses the waveforms that affect the greatest good for all beings, solidifying alliances with hyper dimensional allies, building bridges between here and there. His paintings are portals – from his heart to yours – each is unique, with its own history and message. at his website,, Vajra shares the stories behind his art and invites you to explore the meanings embedded in his creations.

Vajra is the kind of professional artist that evokes a constant state of awe. Branches Gallery is lucky enough to call him ‘local’ and ‘returning.’ These are simple words but in this case they resonate and vibrate. With the recent fires in our Ventura County, Vajra was one artist who lost work that he intended to bring to Lucidity Rising Dawn, art that was in progress. Branches is honored to have the opportunity to see this ongoing Featured Artist through this adversity and with what can only mean art of resilient meta morphosis.

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