Tony Koehl

Tony’s light shine bright. His work shines metal. Tony’s work shine a love light on our shadow side and it can feel oh so good to access those gritty parts.  Find Tony teaching rendering principles and leather design at the Art Temple and beyond as well as inside Branches Mobile Gallery.  Come visit and do some Soehl stretching.

World renowned Death Metal album cover artist Tony Koehl who has used his creative visions on movies such as Van Helsing and Pirates of the Caribbean and Charmed. Creating hundreds of album covers and making a name for himself in the wildly creative sector of Death Metal music he has enjoyed since his youth, Tony’s work bends the genre of image making and gives him a unique insight into the art of dark and light .

His 3rd eye enigma series shows the world how amazing we all are, tapping into deeply mental images to illustrate the power we have to make our own realities and to gain a better life for all. Tony Koehl has showcased his art throughout Southern California, New York and Japan.

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