Bay area based artist Blake Foster has been developing his stylistic vision for the past two decades. Emerging from roots in graffiti under the moniker SYDWOX, the creative rebel broadened his craft and completed a certificate program in visual FX for film with a focus in digital sculpting. Feeling unfulfilled as a mere gear in the machine, he left the digital world and returned to the streets as a stencil artist for the people. Somewhere between painting politics and running from the law, Foster discovered the paintbrush, entheogens, and future bass music. A newfound passion and self-love shattered limiting thought patterns and a clear vision of conscious creation was conceived.

Transforming canvas into a window the mind’s eye, Blake’s artwork aspires to bridge the inner metaphysical realms with the outer natural world.  By juxtaposing micro and macro-structures of the cosmos his work attempts to reveal universal patterns of the sacred. Drawing from dream-like states of consciousness and a limitless imagination, his brush strokes channel spiritual experiences with the divine.

“My intention is to inspire our infinite potential by expressing the indefinable. I aim to paint gateways that give glimpses of dimensions that exist beyond the limits of our immediate senses.   As a biological bundle of cosmic energy evolving to understand itself, I seek to leave behind a visual narrative of my own transformation and growth.   I hope these visions help expose how interconnected and “one” we truly are, so that our kid’s kids may echo on through the ethers.” -B. Foster

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