Ryan B Curtis

Ryan B. Curtis taps the creative channel for himself, friends and family when creating heArt medicine for the turbulent times we are all living. With inspiration from nature and a little help from some super-power totem animals and indigenous allies; his work is guided by a spirit of love and is a celebration of life, beauty and possibility. A mystery school student, his offerings can open the veil and leave it parted so that where our eyes may have dimmed with fear, we once again see and project our own light, powerfully tuned in the true magic of life awakened.

A native of the NY Finger Lakes, Ryan was an imaginative child not fond of puzzles unless he got to paint on them. With encouragement from his family, he pursued the honing of his inclinations and received a B.F.A. in 2001. But it was his discovery of the west coast ecstatic dance community and wisdom culture which most shaped his current work. More than a decade into a cross country, cross pollinating creative adventure, Ryan’s art has been shown and sold at galleries, festivals and events throughout the states and abroad.

Ryan’s current visual art process employs paint, alternative printmaking, photography, collage and occasional airbrush body paint transformations. When not crushing art, he plays guitar, sings, writes songs and children’s books and occasionally soars around on snowy mountains, dropping cliffs and hollering with planks attached to his feet and his girlfriends 5yr old daughter in his backpack.

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