Layil Umbralux

With an eye for sacred geometry and poetic conjunction, Layil Umbralux creates compositions intended to draw the viewer into an energetic space, communicating Truth through Illusion and revealing an impassioned enthrallment with the Natural World. Layil’s work has an evolving style, grounded in tradition, with influences including Classical Naturalism, the Secession movement, Illustration and Calligraphy. There is a Visionary aspect, as it relays the Mythical and Occult realities, while embodying these in everyday elements and natural objects of beauty. Her artistic tendencies stem from a young age, and nature has long been a focal point of her fascination. Early exposures to fantasy, science fiction and mythology have shaped her understanding of the world and are evident in her images and storytelling. She completed her Illustration BFA in New York City, before moving to Barcelona where she spent 3 years developing her art, enjoying the city’s artistic history. She traveled around Europe, collaborating on art education workshops, which resulted in her 2005 return to San Francisco and 2 formative years enrolled at what later became the Safehouse Atelier. Layil has since built her artistic community in the US and abroad, involving herself in event production and art curation. She is an active participant in festival culture, bringing art and wearables to various events around the West Coast, and making appearances at Bay Area events as a portrait sketch artist and live painter. Her classical works currently focus on Landscape painting, Still Life and Portraiture, with narrative elements.

Festival Locations:

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