Joshua Levin

Dr. Joshua Levin is a full-time cross-training cultural creative. He is a professor of anthropology at the College of Southern Nevada, a visual artist, musician, poet, educator, and happy family guy. With a lifetime of balancing interests in science and art, Joshua has focused his energies on using the creative process as a means to empower healthy, meaningful relationships to self, society, and the environment. He loves to share and collaborate in these arts of living and has had the good fortune to do so across the U.S. and internationally. “Say ‘yes’ to the adventure that calls to your heart. Perhaps I‘ll see you there and we can celebrate art-fully, beautifully, awake and alive, content and inspired in the brilliance of it all. Nurture your dreams with your practice. Fulfill the promise of all that you are. Love yourself that you may genuinely love others. That’s what I‘m on about. My art, my music, my teaching and life reflects that.”

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