Jordan Zane Quintero

Jordan Quintero sees the artistic process as a beautiful type of struggle to find pattern, rhythm, harmony & meaning in the apparent chaos of the world.  His work develops organically, moving between analysis and intuition, across mediums and art forms, the process actually a deep questioning of the continually unfolding nature of experience and reality.  Memory, symbol, meaning, labor, and the sub-conscious play strong roles in his output, which often moves through discreet periods of stylistic and thematic “series”, each spring-boarding off of the others to form an expansive body of work that reflects the anxieties, hopes, attitudes and ideas of the times in which we live, while at the same time drawing on a deep respect-for, and awareness of, the vast history of human creative output.   This art-historical awareness, his dedication to following the Muse where she wills him, and the sheer volume of his creative output speaks of great things still yet to be generated by his hand and mind, and heart.

Quintero began exhibiting in 2003 while a student at Santa Barbara City College.  In 2005 he received a B.A. in Art from UC Santa Cruz.  In 2009 he founded Branches Gallery, specializing in emerging Bay Area Artists, and in 2011 co-founded Branches Mobile Gallery.  His is currently located in Morro Bay, California, where, in addition to his Fine Art Studio, he owns and operates Roots Design Company, specializing in contemporary residential and light-commercial environmental design.

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