Elijah Grannis

Humboldt County based Eli Grant is a self-taught epoxy resin artist. When he first saw epoxy resin used as an art medium, he dove in. As Eli fearlessly experimented with a variety of techniques and a range of pigments, epoxy art quickly became an obsession. While Eli has no formal art background, he makes up for it in abundant curiosity and intuition. Early on, he churned out canvas after canvas quickly refining his process as he learned to manipulate this free-flowing medium.

With each creation, Eli impulsively chooses his color palette, and each piece is subsequently a glimpse into his mindset that day. While some of his work shows a clear inspiration—flowers or a landscape—others are pure abstractions.

Eli has had the pleasure of sharing his work at a few mobile galleries, and looks forward to displaying his art in many more venues.


Festival Locations:

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