David Cedeño

Buffalo native with Costa Rican roots, David Cedeño made his way to SF in 2004 to work on his MFA in Art Direction. There he taught urban art to revolutionary middle school kids and ran the City streets seeking inspiration and writing life on the walls.

From NY to SF, then down to LA, and back up to the bay, he’s made a career out of his adolescent art boy dreams, bringing a comic and street-art inspired, urban-industrial wonderland. A wonderland wrought with angst, humor and desire, pushing political consciousness to the forefront of his work.

David has been painting at live events for almost 10 years and has had his paintings featured on concert and tour posters.

Russ Liquid, Phutureprimitive, Clozee, Thriftworks, the Polish Ambassador and Rising Appalachia have all been among the Live Performers captured by Chocolate David. His ability to encapsulate the essence and passion behind their music in his UV interactive painting has been a growing and inspirational journey and he hopes to continue to bring his gifts to share with festivals and art galleries internationally.

“I believe that as an artist, along with creating beauty in the world, it is our responsibility to be an agent of change.”

Festival Locations:

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