Dave Zaboski

Dave Zaboski is our 2018 Lucid University Courseweek Headmaster.  Dave is also much more then that. He is a classically trained painter, illustrator, author, former Senior Animator with Disney, a fantastic friend and family man.

Dave has been gracing Lucidity events with his animated presence since the beginning. It’s easy to notice that this man caries magic along with him. Early on, before becoming instrumental in the Lucid University, Dave had a favorite tree at live oak, near the Lucid Stage, wherein which he loved to encircle his family pack of painters around and each would dedicate the weekend to honoring the creative process creating from blank canvas to finished pieces.

Since then Dave and his crew have created the Art Temple environment which dedicates itself to providing a haven for the creatively hungry.  Through the Art Temple and it’s crew of teachers, builders, models and artists he turns the creative light on all who enter with permission to draw, model and even possibly themselves, teach.

Visit Dave and the Art Temple at the Lucid University and find works from him inside Branches Mobile Gallery.

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