Dan Jones

Dan Jones has fervently lived and breathed art throughout most of his 69 years. This Lake Tahoe and Sierra foothills artist has produced paintings, drawings and sculptures since claiming his heart work back in 1979 as a self-sustaining artist. Moving from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe in his teens, Jones instantly embraced the ever-present mystery and majesty of nature, from which he continues to draw inspiration to this day. Jones’ art speaks in stone, light, magma green forest and cosmic mystery. His art finds context in the organic matrix of roots, ripples of water and the morphic fields as he explores the flow and random logic of the elements.  Jones finds guidance in the magical beings that reveal themselves to him in the process of art making. Earth devas and cosmic alchemists emerge from his paintings of forest temples and suspended rock planets hurling through space. These spirit helpers herald the messages of The Shift, back to the blissed state of vital union with the ever-loving Source, that propels humanity toward the edge of time. To the One.


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