Wizard Scouts hosted by Soul Palace

Wizard Scouts is an educational community focused on empowering our youth to step into their heart centered magical power. We provide workshops, adventures and other experiences which introduce young wizards and witches to the magic all around us, and teach them how to harness this power for their benefit and the benefit of others.

Our approach is influenced by traditional scouting programs as well as the magic experienced at transformational festivals. Our program teaches real world skills and ancient wisdom in an interactive, fun and playful way. We invite and guide our scouts to experience these teachings first hand and embody them fully in a safe, friendly and encouraging space. Our instructors are passionate and playful and are skilled in a wide range of Magical modalities. We bring age appropriate practical skills and life alchemy teachings aimed at helping kids better understand, take charge of and transform their experience. This community of instructors, mentors and guides provides ongoing support and camaraderie on the path of magical discovery and personal growth.

Core philosophies of Wizard Scouts are

  1. We Always Do Our Best
  2. We are Kind and Helpful to Others
  3. We Leave Things Better Than We Found Them
  4. We Are All Growing Into The Best Versions Of Ourselves
  5. Magic is Real and Can Be Found All Around Us
  6. We Are Here To Make The World A More Magical Place

We believe that by teaching our youth these practical and magical skills early on, we are helping create a framework for a lifetime of purpose, wonder and fulfillment. Our aim is to share the beauty of Wizardry and all that is magical. Our hope is these newfound abilities will be used as a tool to heal Mother Earth, ourselves and each other.

Come to Soul Palace ~ Imaginarium to find the wizards!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Animal Embodiment

    60 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    Wouldn't it be fun to see how animals see, feel how they feel, and act how they act?

    Join David Landau and learn the ancient shamanic technique of animal embodiment! By focused thinking on a specific animal, one can take on its essence and make it their own! This is great for learning about different aspects of ourselves, character development and improving focus. Fun for all ages, kids & parents alike!

  • Elemental Play

    60 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    Tap into the power of the elements in this interactive musical playshop for the young and young at heart! Join Nico & Natalie Zuluaga for an interactive introduction to the 4 elements. You'll explore the magic of the Earth through Heart Centered song, dance and storytelling. Come ground, feed your Inner Flame, breathe in the Love and get your wiggle on with us as we remember and connect to our Selves, our Community and the Earth!

  • Essential Oils

    60 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    A collaborative, creative experience with Docta Nick geared for kids to enjoy learning about plants and essential oils. This class is inspired to offer children an opportunity to discuss the therapeutic & magickal uses of essential oils. A power hour for kids to train their noses, experience potent botanical medicine and to get equipped with essential oils for the weekend to vibe others up.

    Get ready to be super stoked!

Festival Locations:

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