Torkom Ji

TORKOM JI is master sound healer and electronic music producer from Los Angeles. He has been facilitating transformative experiences since 2012 and has provided deep meditation and rejuvenation for thousands of people using his unique and powerful system of penetrative and healing
tones & sounds. Birthed from his studies of music, vibration, energy and the practice of meditation and martial arts; Torkom has mastered and perfected a system that is known to put people into very deep states of consciousness. Torkom weaves sound waves live, and reveals harmonics using his one-of-a-kind system Quantum Harmonix; a sound-based healing modality.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Twilight hours Quantum Harmonix Transmission

    90 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    QUANTUM HARMONIX is a one of a kind, sound based healing technology. It uses live synthesis, 432Hz pitch, sacred mathematics, and is performed live, through a meditative state. All produced sounds are in accordance with natural motion, structure, principles. These tones have been shown to have profound effects on the mind, body, consciousness of an individual


Festival Locations:

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