The Queen’s Alchemy

The Queen’s Alchemy was born out of a transformational gathering of six conscious couples. During that gathering, it became clear that each us desired deeper support in our lives and relationships and thus a trilogy of communal evolution was born with the men forming a group they call The Order and their beloved Queen’s formed the Queen’s Alchemy. Together we make up a group of dedicated couples we refer to as the Conscious Partnership Collective.

The Queen’s Alchemy is made up of six women who have come together to create a sisterhood that explores the depth of what it means to embody the archetype of Queen in the modern world. We meet a few times a month to support the evolution of partnership, self-care, sisterhood, desire manifestation and how to abundantly nurture all that we love.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Owning and Claiming Ourselves as Queen: A Women’s Circle

    60 min | Altar of Water

    In this circle of women, we’ll explore what it means to embody the archetype of Queen in the modern world. We’ll discuss how to transform/alchemize the old image of queen, which is often portrayed as dark, negative and cruel into the modern image of queen, which is benevolent, generous, confident and more.

    Together we’ll discover how to:

    *Rule our inner and outer state.
    *Find and create benevolence within ourselves, our actions and our queenly care.
    *Create space in our heart to rule side-by-side with our fellow kings (whether in partnership, in the workplace or in day-to-day living).

Festival Locations:

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