The Flowers

Jessi and Ma’athyou, collectively known as The Flowers, are humble students of the Earth and All life. Their paths converged in 2012 and thus began a collaborative journey of healing and learning. Whether practicing Permaculture, visual and fiber arts, music, herbalism, or healing work, Ma’athyou and Jessi strive to bring more harmony and healing to the Earth and all beings.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Crystal Bowl Light Language Activation

    60 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    A sound bath experience which gently guides participants through All that they are. Each one of us is an integral part of the One-Self and in this context we open a Gentle, Powerful, Prayerful sound container of channeled prayers, songs, and intentions to help participants navigate in the moment energies as they ebb and flow throughout their experience to step deeper into All that they are. Through quartz crystal bowl harmonics and Channel Light Language Songs, heaven and earth are consciously bridged in a multi-dimensional, transformative, healing sacred space where all is allowed to heal. Join us, Receive you!

  • Plant Spirit Sound Journey

    75 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    Join Ma'athyou & Jessi Flower in collaboration with Blaine Bear Tracks Wilson (representing Essential Oil Wizardry) for a journey into the healing power of sound and plant essence. Experience essential oil aroma therapy with quartz crystal singing bowls & channeled Light Language helping to guide participants into a deep ceremony with the plant spirits. The plant spirits are potently accessed through these essential oils as gentle aroma-touch and high vibrational soundscapes bless us all in a space of healing and opening to All that we are and wish to be. Join us for this sensational experience of self love.


Festival Locations:

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