Rye N Flint

Rye N Flint is a mycologist, forager, and permaculture designer. He has a degree in Soil Science from CalPoly and is co-owner of the oldest commercial truffle farm in the Americas. Rye teaches workshops on cryptocurrency, wild foraging, permaculture, mycology, fermentation, food forestry, celtic tribalism and myco-anthropoly. Try to spot him at your next favorite fungus fair or festival.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Mycorrhizae Fungi Food Forests

    90 min | Altar of Earth

    The most well known mushrooms are mycorrhizal fungi, including Amanitas, Chanterelles, Porcini, Matsutake, and of course the infamous Truffle. We will explore how the different types of mycorrhizae function in forest environments. You will learn about the important role they play in storing soil carbon and creating drought resistance in plants. We will travel far back in time to learn about lichens, and how this symbiotic relationship between fungus and plants began over 500 million years ago. A short Question and Answer session will follow.

Festival Locations:

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