Rebecca Holland

Rebecca began following her path as an artist as a small child. Observing and drawing, learning on her own, influenced by the old masters’ use of light, and falling in love with the light in the redwood forest has brought her a joy of living that shows on her canvases.

Meeting other artists, musicians and filmmakers naturally led her to contribute her talent beyond the bounds of her traditional landscapes in oil on canvas. Her list of credits on Neil Young’s albums include the cover of Harvest Moon and the Crazy Horse design for Weld. Her environmental film work includes credits on many films, including Burning the Future, Oil in America; River of Renewal; Fire and Forest Health, and many others.

Rebecca is also published in the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space book, Room to Breathe, and in Images of America, Kings Mountain.

She lives with her dog and her horses on a small ranch in the hills on the Coast south of Half Moon Bay. Her studio is on the edge of the Redwood forest overlooking the ocean. The natural beauty around her is a constant inspiration for her life and her work.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Healing Power of Nature and Art

    60 min | Altar of Air

    In the style of personal story telling, Rebecca will share her experiences and what she has learned about a life as an artist living in a remote redwood forest and the other artists she has met along the way.

Festival Locations:

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