Rachel Simone Wilkins

For Rachel, yoga is an expression of our highest self, the Source, the unifying light within. Yoga is our way of connecting to that cosmic pulse, reveling in the joy and sheer bliss of this embodiment. Her classes are a soulful tapestry of creative movement, somatic awareness, spontaneous flow, thoughtful choreography, organic meditation and transformative pranayama. Rachel’s evolutionary approach to yoga is inspired by seasonal energetic shifts, lunar cycles, the radiance of the sun, the steadiness of the mountains, the fluid churning of the waves, the cleansing flow of the wind and the dance of the flames within the heart.

Rachel has and continues to study under living masters: her initial 200 hr certification was completed in 2011 with Tracey Rich and Ganga White of the White Lotus Foundation, followed by advanced studies under their guidance and an intensive training in Thai Massage with Phoebe Diftler. She has been studying with Shiva Rea since 2014 and in 2017 finished her 500hrs under the Prana Vinyasa lineage. In the Spring of 2017 she led her first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Divinitree Santa Barbara and continues to lead trainings, privates and small group classes, retreats and workshops locally and globally.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Elemental Chakra Activation - Music by Lavender Fields

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Within the Tantric lineage, the culmination of yoga is the release of any blockages along our central channel, the sushumna. The release of latent energy at our root and the freedom along this channel up to our crown is Kundalini rising. By focusing on the energy, elements, physiological and psychological experience of these chakras, we can begin to activate and open these blossoming centers and move towards a state of Samadhi- the blissful experience of conscious unity.

    In this transformational workshop experience, Rachel will lead students through guided meditation, visualization, intuitive movement, asanas, mantra and breath work to progressively activate the chakra centers. We will explore how each chakra is innately connected to the elements and how to embody this energy to awaken kundalini energy.

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