Priya Deepika

Priya Deepika is an attorney turned sound healer and coach. Her background as a human-rights focused immigration lawyer and mediator has trained her approach in helping others find their true Voice and Self-Expression. As facilitator of sound, Priya integrates music into wellness and professional lifestyle.  She offers sonic pathways for emotional awareness, trauma-release and revitalizing compassion for greater human connection and creative inspiration. Priya’s music is known for its serene invitation calling in the listener, meditator, yogi and dancer to journey through melodic soundscapes exploring mood, tone and color of the human experience. Priya’s debut album, Hear In My Heart will be released Spring 2018.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Mantra and Melodies of the Shakti Tradition

    90 min | Sound AS Medicine

    This class explores the timeless tradition of invoking the Mother Goddess through lineages of Sound and Voice. This class reveals the story of the Feminine Divine witnessing Herself from essence (Shakti) to form (Shiva) which is the roots of Tantra and Yoga. We will learn Tantric Seed Syllables for the natural elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air,  and Ether. We will also explore specific Sanskrit mantras and Raaga melodies honoring the Goddess which invoke our innate Divine energy from within, connecting us between the Earth, the Cosmos, Feminine Masculine, and all Past, Present Future timelines.


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