Pink Star

Enter the universe of Pink Star

Sound is pure, sound is truth, sound is tribal, sound is. Come bathe in the force of sound uniting the world of sound healing with the world of analog synthesis. With guided ancient meditative dance, bass frequencies and analog synthesis, cacao ceremony alchemical bowls and vocals, and mayan frequency healing.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Midnight Mayan Sound & Cacao Dance Ceremony

    120 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there was the sound. It was pure, it was sacred and now it returns. Enjoy the journey with refreshing energy from the Sacred Cacao Altar. Experience with the community tribal energies as we create together a meditative moving Sound Healing with Bass and Synthesizer Modulation to connect deep within your roots and the land guided by Alchemical Bowls and Angelic Toning. Welcome to the new frontier.

  • Saturday Sunrise Alchemical Sound Symphony

    120 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    Enjoy soothing sounds from angelic toning and alchemical singing bowls infused with crystals, gems, metals and elements. guided in harmony with angelic voices the sound created is a universe of binaural overtones. The fusion of voices and some of the purest sounds in the world wake up our spirits and cleanse the old preparing us for a great start into a new day or even a new journey.

  • Alchemical Singing Bowl Workshop

    90 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    Learn how to play the alchemical singing bowls and attune to your highest vibration. This is a very unique workshop where you learn the alchemy of adding your voice to the sound of the bowls. No singing experience is required everyone can learn and be part of a truly transformational workshop.

Festival Locations:

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