Phoenix Muranetz & Devaya Corbett

Phoenix Muranetz is a Prayerformance Artist, Unification Architect, and Metaphysical Guide. She weaves her training in experiential art, Tantra, and metaphysics to gather people in collective invocation ceremonies for personal transformation and global healing through the annual AW Convergence. As a galactic ambassador having performed across Asia and North America, she’s seen firsthand the power of pleasure as a key for the awakening of consciousness. Learn more about her at

Devaya Corbett is a Shamanic Reiki Master, Transformational Healer, Yoga Teacher, Conduit of the Cosmo’s, and Sacred Performance Artist through dance, flow arts, and music. He is on a passionate pursuit to reclaim the healing powers of sexuality, energy activation, and protecting the sacred. The life-force that is cultivated with those he is in presence with is best described as a transformational and alchemized through authentic heart initiation. Learn more at

Workshops & Presentations

  • Awaken your Primal Magic

    120 min | Altar of Fire

    Awaken your primal magic through this exploration of movement, voice, dance, and sacred ceremony with the LightWalkers. Connect into deepened intimacy with non-verbal embodiment practices to unleash and unify your primal self. Reconnect with your inner animal through your soul’s rhythm. This experience culminates through a ceremony celebrating the barriers and guards that have been shed.

    Warning: This experience will provide unbridled states of play, laughter, emotion, and primal wildness.


Festival Locations:

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