Paradox Pollack

Paradox has worked at all levels of performance and ritual. From the Punk Rock roots of his theatrical career to the most prestigious film sets of the last 10 years he has made a career of understanding the fundamentals of the experience. In 2017 he was awarded a world premiere certificate for a “transfer of knowledge” from a master of the Balinese Kecak to him for the last 20 years of his work carrying the lineage of this ancient form into the modern era.

As an elder in the disciplines of art, performance, collaboration and ceremony he is bringing this knowledge to the global community with the intention of distilling the essence of sacred tradition into the practice of sacred innovation.

He has trained actors and stunt players for their a roles  as aliens, gods, heroes and monsters in MARVEL films, and Sci Fi franchises. Modeling transformational leadership over 20 years by founding 2 touring circuses and translating imagination into the body through the practice of ancient ritual he searches for designs which enable everyday trials to become transformative ceremony.  HIs life is directed toward finding the innovative tools instruments and practices which shape a communal model of coordinating the group to it’s goals and resources to the necessity of the world.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Common Thread of Nature: Techniques for Transformation

    75 min | Sound AS Medicine

    Mapping the practice of ritual and performance into actions that generate depth of sensation and strength of the core of the body. The intention of this workshop is to create awareness and availability for connection to the self, each other in small and large groups, and to the environment.

    This is a training ground for creating performance and ritual and any level of skill can participate.
    It is also a rehearsal space for those wanting to perform in the larger ritual celebration for the entire festival.

  • Kecak Council : Training Community for Group Action

    120 min | Altar of Air

    The Kecak's purpose in it's traditional form is to bring the community together for response to village crisis or initiation. The Kecak is a tool used for thousands of years to bring harmony to the community by inducing trance in population and allowing transformation of all kinds to occur in the center of the circle.
    We will be training the basic mechanics of the Kecak as well as the dynamics of community listening and participation.

    The goal of this workshop is to learn the foundational skills to be able to bring a huge people together as an living orchestra.

Festival Locations:

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