The Order of Men 2.0

The “Order of Man 2.0” was founded in 2017 when 6 men came together to support each other in awakening to their best selves, as men in committed partnership. Although they each had been seperatly leading workshops, authoring books, or creating change in the world, they lacked real support from other men.

As they dove deeper month after month into their personal self expression, passion, pains and discoveries they uncovered a unique and necessary power that every man needs to be fulfilled on this planet. They call this work… Man 2.0.

“The Order” is made up of Derek Rydall, Rono Smith, Michael Maury, Dionisio Ceballos, Morgan Drmaj and GeorgeP Kansas.

Derek Rydall – Best selling author and teacher of “The Law of Emergence”
Rono Smith – Facilitator and ceremony guide in partnership consciousness.
Michael Maury – Actor, teacher and musician
Dionisio Ceballos – Emmy winning artist and painter
Morgan Drmaj – Film maker and brain science master
George Kansas – Author, speaker and coach

Workshops & Presentations

  • The 5 Realms of Man 2.0

    120 min | Altar of Fire

    There is a new man emerging, Man 2.0, and he is a part of a new model of what partnership looks like. When we can embrace and live from this new place, we not only have the life we deeply desire, but we are part of a new dawn of empowerment and a world that works for the highest good for all.

    There is who you are now and there is the new YOU that can emerge as Man 2.0.

    Explore what habits of thinking, feeling, and doing are running your life and how to shift them
    Release hurt caused by the masculine and forgive any shame
    Heal and appreciate the life lessons we've experienced and create our new collective story
    Tap into the raw power of man, our struggles, pain, passions and turn it into fuel for awakening

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