Nyx Cacciato

It has been said that Nicki came out of the womb dancing. She can’t remember when her passion for movement began, but she knows it was something that has been there for as long as she can recall. Nicki, nicknamed Nyx, began learning dance at a young age. She taught herself for years before taking formal dance classes in tap, jazz, & hip-hop–among dabbling in other styles–in 5th grade, and continued to excel from there.

She joined a dance team in college where she was introduced to a handful of new styles including contemporary, African, ballet, and lyrical. With her college career cut short by uncertainty and finances, she quit school and shortly after began teaching ballroom. Nicki spend the next 5 years learning over 15 styles of partner dance, including latin, smooth, swing, and country, along with education courses on how to be a professional instructor and body mechanics and anatomy. In 2012, Nicki began two new styles that would simultaneously help her develop an entirely new dance! West Coast Swing and Hula Hooping.

Nyx trained with professionals, taught students, continued her teaching education and practiced non-stop for the next five and a half years fusing together her dance knowledge with her new prop. She now uses all of her research and practice to teach students of all ages, ethnicities, and orientations how to move while staying healthy! Nicki now teaches worldwide, hosting workshops, and participating as a movement facilitator at music & movement festivals.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Universal Connection Through Dance

    90 min | Movement Lab

    In this all levels and all ages workshop, students will focus on connection, the most important part of not only movement arts, but of life. Students will work together with one another to create a meditative connection through dance and movement. This class will pull inspiration from prop art and multiple styles of solo and partner dancing, as well as working closely to embody the 4 elements, enabling us to expand our repertoire of body movement and understanding of trust and humanity.

  • Beginner Salsa Dancing

    30 min | Movement Lab

    This novice class is designed to get your feet moving and hips shaking! Students will learn the foundational steps of the festive Afro-Cuban dance, along with some fun turns, and arm styling. No partner? No problem!


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