Natural Leaders Foundation

The Natural Leaders Foundation provides global communities tools, opportunities and experiences through a variety of programs intended to support kids learning, growing and flourishing in their environment. From this platform springs “Natural Leaders” that transform our world and beautify our lives. For nearly a decade Co Founders Jon Nash and Sabrina Vedette have donated their time,energy and love to provide experiences for youth that empower them to cultivate a healthy lifestyle,gain confidence in themselves and each other and truly become the “Natural Leaders” of their communities. They have provided the safe container for this at many transformational events such as Kidzbiosis of Symbiosis Gathering/Global Eclipse, Dream Oasis of Envision Festival, Starseed Village of Beloved Festival and Lucidity Festival. In addition, Natural Leaders Foundation has supported communities with children by traveling to the DAPL to support the Water Protector children, by participating in Permaculture Action Days with Inner City youth and by creating the Clu Network for children.

Join Natural Leaders at their annual Smoothie Activation and vegan pancake breakfast Sunday morning! Make sure to bring your re-usable plates and utensils.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Crystal Yoga Adventure

    60 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    Activate the Superpowers of the Planet with Crystal Energy! Each crystal holds the secrets to unlocking our flowing rivers, volcanic lava, butterfly wings, starry skies... using yoga asana we can awaken our own superpowers, communicate with Nature and connect with our Inner Truth. Everyone gets to take home crystals for their next adventure!

  • Mystic Journey to Find Your Spirit Animal

    60 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    Wings? Fins? Claws? Paws? Together we go on a Mystic Journey to discover our Spirit Animal through interactive guided meditation accompanied by the sounds of the medicine drum. When we get back to planet earth, we will have markers, feathers & masks to bring our spirit animals to life!

  • Superfood Smoothie Galactivation: Cacao Sillymony

    60 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    Are you ready to galactivate to the next level of your mind, body and spirit wellness? Join us to love, honor and respect our body temples! Roll up your sleeves as we get hands-on and concoct yummy organic superfood smoothies together while we learn about enzymes, bees, antioxidants and why our bodies love them! Then let's join together for a special cacao Sillymony before we drink our smoothies and take
    off to the stars!


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