Metatron & Ally Avila

Metatron and Ally Avila are cofounders of both Lucidity Festival and I AM HEALING. They are dedicated to bringing conscious intention and awareness into all they do; in their personal lives, as an adventurous couple, as loving parents, welcoming community as family. Their focus continues to be healing work, as evident in the many ways they continue to integrate for themselves and facilitate for others. It is their belief that we already live in a world that is returning to unity and harmony; achieved by Wakeful and Mindful Presence. Not only is this Metatron and Ally’s belief, it is their reality for they are living this experience Awake.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Lucid Living

    60 min | Altar of Water

    Ally & Metatron deliver methods of self discovery, healing and transformation, cultivated through a decade of practice together. Come learn a simple framework, guiding principles and powerful tools for embodying your True Self, your Highest Nature, your Divine Blueprint, your Soul's Purpose. This process of becoming aware of reality from outside the story-driven framework of the mind is a returning to the spiritual connection that allows for a more holistic view. From this perspective, we are able to transcending suffering that is simply created by the story, empowering us to move beyond the mental obstacles and emotional tangles that can prevent immediate progress and growth.

Festival Locations:

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