Megan Nicole Boyd

Megan always dreamed of going to another world. Of finding a place that was truly magical & abilities she didn’t know she had. After 23 years of waiting for her powers to manifest, she began to realize that the closest thing we have to magic, is the power to create our own destiny. To take what we are given & make something beautiful in return. Through fiber arts, she is able to do just that! Becoming a form of meditation & artistic self expression, crochet has brought endless joy to her life. It is way to see what magic she can create & share! In the few years she has been making, she has created countless items & patterns. But her true passion is teaching fiber arts & helping others to discover a new life long hobby!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Crochet Your Way To Happiness!

    60 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    In this workshop, I'll be teaching the basics of crochet!
    All you have to do is show up & be ready to learn. I'll help get you started on the project of your choice & provide you with the tools necessary to complete it on your own.

  • Upcycling T-Shirt's Into Yarn!

    75 min | The Lighthouse

    In this workshop, I'll be teaching how to upcyle unworn t-shirts into yarn you can craft with! I'll guide you through the process & help you make the materials for your first T-Shirt Yarn project!
    I'll also be teaching how to crochet with the T-shirt yarn & provide you the tools necessary to complete the project on your own.


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