Maya Zuckerman

Maya is a multiplatform expert, Culture Hacker and emerging technology aficionado who applies the power of narrative, branding and MarComm to world-changing ideas. She holds a wealth of experience from different media and technology silos.

Her early career spanned film, video games and multiplatform productions. She worked on projects for leading gaming companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Vivendi and Activision. Maya later worked in product development for clients such as the Chopra Center and Harpo Productions. In the past few years she has consulted for many media and tech startups, including:

Mythaphi – a media platform, as Chief Innovation OfficerTransmedia SF – as co-founderProductionNext – a production coordination platform, as an adviser.LifeGuides – a pre-launch startup focusing on creating a marketplace for people’s life experiences – she is currently VP of Operations.

In her current work she has developed, produced, branded and marketed many labs and participatory events. These include: Over 40 meetups and hackathons under her meetup and startup, Transmedia SF HardwareCon 2015-2016 – a two-day conference for the hardware startup community The Future of Working day symposium Prototyping the Future – a smarter-better-cities two-day conference in San Leandro Cleantech Open / Cleantech Week- a five-day week of events for the biggest cleantech accelerator in the world.

Maya was part of the group of Authors contributing to Reinhabiting the Village book. She is also the writer of Em’s Theory – A Sci-Fi book Trilogy, digital animation series, Game, VR and franchise.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Regenerative Narrative

    75 min | Altar of Spirit

    If we to solve the biggest challenges to humanity and the planet we need to ask better questions. We need to create narratives of hope that are grounded in possibility, activism and have a clear path of action.

    In a world that is mired in the duality of a zero-sum-game - How do we create a non-zero-sum game? Do we create another game? Or do we change the narrative?

    In this talk, we will discuss the state of the Regenerative Culture and go over the concepts such Story and Narrative, Game and System and how we start making sense of what we need to focus on moving forward to create a genuinely Regenerative Planetary Culture by creating a narrative that includes everyone.

  • The Corporate Shaman

    60 min | Altar of Air

    How do we bring the sacred into the boardroom? How do we aquire ability to walk between worlds to running a startup or any other business?

    Maya is a VP of operations of a Public for Benefit early tech-startup. Maya will bring her musing and experience to this workshop:

    Can a tech startup be a place for both career and spiritual growth?
    Can the sacred be brought into a male-dominated world?
    How to hold space for a business that is growing?
    What are evolutionary entrepreneurs?
    How to practice becoming a Corporate Shaman?

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