Matt Reinig

Matt has been practicing meditation since 2014 and recently started spreading mindfulness in American Sign Language (ASL) through Well-Being with Matt in 2017. Matt’s academic background is in kinesiology (B.S. and M.S.) and has completed several mindfulness courses, including Mindful Educator Essentials by Mindful Schools. Matt believes in the power of visual meditation in ASL because of the power of silence and visually expressing a story or point without the viewer needing to be fluent in ASL. Matt invites everyone to learn ASL and to not be afraid to approach a deaf person and start a conversation!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Visual Guided Meditation Through the Five Elemental Realms

    60 min | Altar of Water

    Most guided meditations are given verbally and enhanced with sound. But what about a silent, visual guided meditation in American Sign Language (ASL)? In my workshop, I will lead a visual guided meditation where I guide the participants on a journey encompassing the 5 Elemental Realms by using signs associated with each realm and physical/tactile movements to invoke a specific emotion or thought.

    The best part about sign language is the ability to visually express a story that participants can silently understand and interpret on their own without knowing ASL. During the silent visual guided meditation, participants can enjoy the silence, for silence is one of the paths to connecting with oneself.


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