Logan Sullivan

Logan Sullivan spent most of the past decade in 60-some countries on 6 continents investigating 2 questions: 1) how can one individual most effectively alleviate suffering and promote wellbeing in the world, and 2) what combination of global compassion and self love makes the most nutritious recipe for personal happiness and fulfillment? He is a senior-level humanitarian aid worker and advocate, conservationist, animal welfare activist, author, online instructor and host of the IMPACTivism Podcast. After working in countries like Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Honduras, Nigeria, Cambodia, the Philippines, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Syria, he’s returned home to share his best attempts at partial answers to two very important questions, and, also, to build a tiny house. In his spare time, he’s a polyamory proponent, professional hugger, semi-professional appreciator of the beautiful creations his beautiful friends and friend-to-be create, aspiring acro yogi, and werifesterian (one who wanders aimlessly into the woods in search of mystery).

Workshops & Presentations

  • How to THINK about Changing the World, then Act Accordingly

    60 min | Altar of Water

    We all want to alleviate suffering and promote wellbeing for our fellow humans, nonhuman animals, and the earth we share. Yet as much as we care, we often achieve less than we hoped, not for lack of effort but because our noble efforts may be under-thought. Unfortunately, our brains come preprogrammed with cognitive biases and other flawed software that distorts our views of what issues cause suffering, what remedies exist, and how we can best contribute to the solution. So, let’s explore how we think about doing good, where conventional wisdom often misleads us, and what psychologists and philosophers can teach us about compassion and effective action for global betterment.

    Logan Sullivan spent nearly a decade in 60-some countries as an aid worker, advocate, conservationist and writer investigating how one individual can most effectively and reliably impact positive change. As the host of the IMPACTivism Podcast, he continues this investigation.

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