KristaLove is a embodiment ambassador, affection and consent advocate, and community organizer. As a writer, performance artist and movement facilitator, she incorporates intimacy, consent, playfulness, connection and earth-conscious living into her offerings.  She’s inspired when exploring nature’s wonder, breathing on her yoga mat, conversing about the mysterious beauty of the human existence, expressing freedom on the dance floor, riding her bike, singing, and cooking and sharing wholesome food.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Love at First Dance: Navigating Space, Connection & Freedom - Accompanied by Yemanjo

    90 min | Flow Zone

    On the dance floor we have the opportunity to meet body to body, where souls can creatively communicate through movement and touch, experiencing connection beyond personalities or stories.

    In this playshop, you will be introduced to skills and techniques inspired by contact improv, partner fusion, and tango dance modalities with music by Yemanjo. Learn to invoke, invite, and accept dances utilizing energetic consent, nonverbal communication, and playful safety. Join KristaLove to build confidence, expand your playfulness and freedom, refine your non-verbal communication, and have a damn good time while moving and groovin' in a way that excites your soul. You are invited to dance outside your comfort zone to experience the delight of consensual, safe and fun engagement!

Festival Locations:

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