Kim Doyle

Kim Doyle is a Mind/Body/Spirit~Healer, Witchy~Woman, Embodied~Goddess, Teacher~Guide, and a Fourth Generation Spiritual Healer through her Matriarchal Lineage. Kim is passionate about elevating and inspiring others to become fully embodied Gods and Goddesses through Movement, Manifestation, and Magic. In addition to classes and workshops, make sure to check out the Healing Village where she will be available for Private Healing Sessions.

Kim Doyle is a World Class International Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She was chosen as “Denver’s Best Yoga Teacher” and has shared the stage with DJ Soohan, Deya Dova, Gken-E, and DJ ALIA. Look for her Yoga/Sacred Dance Classes, Spiritual Bootcamp Workshops, and Private Healing offerings at Festivals in California and Colorado.

Kim was an early supporter of Lucid University and will be co-hosting “Grounding your Gifts ~ Spiritual Permaculture Immersion” at Lucid University in 2018!

Kim Doyle’s training includes Energy & Yoga Teacher Training in the Himalayas, Thai Yoga Massage training in Thailand, Wellness Coaching Course through The Mayo Clinic, and she is Certified in Physio/Spiritual Massage. Kim has also studied Mayan Abdominal Massage, Chinese Cupping Therapy, Solfeggio Scale Tuning Forks, Evolved Alchemy Spagyrics, Earth Alchemy Aromatherapy, and is a Minister through the Church of Universal Light.

Kim hosts International and Local Spiritual and Permaculture Retreats, Yoga & Dance Workshops, Women’s Healing Circles, and offers Private Healing Sessions, in person or via video chat.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Yoga and Sacred Dance with Live DJ

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Join Kim Doyle for an encore offering of her Yoga/Sacred Dance, Live DJ Class. This year's theme is "Root to Rise ~ Ground into your Gifts!"

    This class will take you on the journey of the humble Osha Root. With an (optional) taste of this North American Herb before class, Kim will guide you through a class designed to help you potentize your own medicine offerings to the world!

    From seed to sprout, from Earth to Sky, back to Earth, through to a fully Actualized Seed Spreader! We will work with stillness, yoga, movement, authentic connection, and Ecstatic Dance ~ come play!

  • Balancing Divine Feminine and Masculine Within

    90 min |

    Join Kim Doyle for an encore offering of this workshop, last year's workshop was so potent that she has been asked to bring it back, this time for Teen Scene!

    This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore what it feels like to hold space for another person's experience and perspective. Through authentic relating practices, emotional intimacy, and gender alchemy we will affect the Quantum Field, healing beyond our own understanding and creating a more balanced world by balancing the Masculine and Feminine within ourselves.

    You will leave with a deep appreciation for how the Masculine and Feminine Energies show up for you, and through you; a Vision and Intention for yourself and our Collective Consciousness, on how you can use these energies!

    Also, check out Kim Doyle's "Yoga/Sacred Dance" and "Healing Ancestral Wounding" workshops, and visit her in the Healing Village for a Private Healing Session!

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