Kandice of Holistic Hooping

Kandice, Founder of Holistic Hooping, has been committed to her mission of sharing ‘Personal Transformation through a Spirit-Centered HoopDance Practice’ since the inception of the modern hoopdance movement, 15 yrs ago! Dubbed “Hoop Mama of the Healing Hoop”, she has taught and performed at numerous events and retreats around the ‘whirled’ for the last decade, sharing her Holistic Hoopology. With a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, her certifications in ThetaHealing, Chakra Therapy and Life Coaching, as well as her studies of Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Holistic Medicine and more, she has developed her Holistic Hoopology; integrating all of her knowledge into a powerful modality, that combines hoopdance with other holistic practices to bring flow into one’s life (on all levels), resulting in true personal transformation of her clients.

The root of Holistic Hoopology is the holistic perspective that mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected. Inside the hoop, you can clear your mind and focus your energy, which will uplift your spirit and in turn, ‘amplify’ your healing intentions, therefore enhancing your overall well-being. All healing is possible within the infinite possibilities of the empty innerspace of the hoop. YOU are the center of the Singularity and everything spirals out from there. Allow Kandice to guide you in taking your health and transformation into your own hands!
Holistic Hooping for personal and global transformation!

Come check out Kandice and her Holistic Hooping mobile wagon at the heART of the Flow Zone! Come get your Shwirl on!


Workshops & Presentations

  • From Dawn to Dusk- HoopDance Vortex Exploration

    75 min | Flow Zone

    The 'Vortex' or 'Corkscrew' is one of THE most used HoopDance movements around. It is crucial to understand it, as it is needed to bridge the rise and fall of the hoop around & off of the body. Like the sun rising at dawn and coming down at dusk, there is a certain amount of flow required to make this movement seamless.

    In this (beginner/intermediate) workshop, Kandice will break down the entire movement, focusing on each piece. We will explore step-throughs, feet/ leg hooping, on-the-body rocking, chest pulsating, shoulder shrugging, neck kneading, to over the head tosses and off-the-body isolations. During this exploration, Kandice will dive into her Holistic Hoopology and share how each movement relates to our 7 Chakras and how the 'vortex' is a conduit for moving our Kundalini Energy.

    * Hoops available for play and for purchase.

  • Kundalini Flow Arts

    75 min | Flow Zone

    Join us for a spirit-centered journey of spiraling movement. An awakening of the divinity within, by activating our Kundalini through: conscious deep breathing, guided meditation, chakra system scanning, collective visualization, sacred geometric patterning and shamanic/ecstatic flow arts dance; while experiencing the powerful healing modalities of sound, color, affirmations and aromatherapy!

    Ground your body, set your intentions, awaken your serpent energy, drop into your personal FLOW, and experience a spiritual upSHIFT. Let us voyage together and collectively raise our frequencies, to vibrate in UNISON as we invite in the highest and best for our flow arts practice during the 2018 season!

    This multi-level, multi-tool class is open to ALL Flow Arts Enthusiasts- bring your tools, whatever they are!

    * There will be Holistic Hoops provided for Play and for Purchase!


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