Jeremiah Johnston

Jeremiah discovered his passion for the juggling and flow arts upon entering college at Humboldt State University in Northern California. He filled his time between studies developing his juggling skills, learning to craft routines, and exploring other forms of movement arts. He taught himself to learn advanced juggling skills quickly and efficiently, breaking them down into simple repeatable steps, and became fascinated by the learning process he utilized. Excelling at the rare performance art, Jeremiah redirected his college studies to compliment his passion, and 13 years later, with a Bachelors Degree in Dance, and two international team juggling medals under his belt, Jeremiah now lives and performs full time in the San Francisco Bay Area. He owns, operates, and continues to develop The Throw Zone to become an educational hub for aspiring jugglers as well as entertainment company. His primary aim is to share the joy, thrill, and unlimited potential of these arts with the world through his dynamic performances and quality instruction.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Tricky Tips and Tech for Poi Spinners

    60 min | Flow Zone

    Class will explore various tricks and techniques and how they overlay onto the foundational framework of poi spinning. Concepts will include pendulums, isolations, stalls, anti-spin, spiral wraps, hybrid theory, and how they can be utilized throughout your flow. This is not a beginner class, and assumes an understanding of fundamental tricks and techniques such as weaves, butterflies, and thread the needle. No time will be spent on these basic maneuvers.

Festival Locations:

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