James Kapicka

James Kapicka is a yoga ambassador, event producer and affection advocate with a passion for bringing people together to learn, connect and celebrate. Through sincere and heartfelt expression, he creates an environment that empowers students to stay in their integrity and trust their intuition. YogaJames offers sacred yoga ceremonies intended to facilitate personal growth and healing through the unconditionally giving of authentic self in a way that protects innocence and promotes creative play and expression. His classes, workshops and trainings center on profound re-evolutionary change both within and in how we exist in society and in our relationship with Mother Earth.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Yin Yoga Massage with Music by synapps

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Come play and experience the bliss of using your hands to serve others through the healing act of conscious contact, with thoughtful musical soundscapes provided by synapps. Join James to intuitively connect with others using compassionate touch and intuitive listening. Deepen your energetic awareness through breath connection, partner yin yoga and elements of Thai Yoga massage. Together we will co-create a safe environment and cultivate trust by seeing and supporting the goodness in one another.

  • Embodied Elemental Vin & Yin with Sound Healing

    75 min | Movement Lab

    Experience the five elements in this somatic vinyasa, then journey into the water-like quality of your fascia and organs with embodied yin yoga. Join YogaJames for this deeply connected practice as you receive the alchemical effects of yin yoga while exploring the landscape of your inner universe.

    Move to the acoustic and electronic blends of Nathan Foli's ancient and new age Sound Healing techniques. Nathan's in-the-moment music creation synchronizes left and right brain hemispheres and supports inward journey to a deep state of presence and awareness.

Festival Locations:

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