Crunk princess at heart, Caitlin Hofer pops the cork off traditional hoopdance. Soulful, energetic play is transformed into an off-beat, funky visual art with this 25 year old firecracker. She discovered object manipulation wile in search of a more bohemian life style. Resulting in an international hula hoop award by in 2013 for New hooper. She has been featured on, Yahoo news, and the Daily mail for her jaw dropping performances and optical illusions. In 2015 she won title International female Hooper of the year and Video of the year! Isopuppy has traveled internationally to Europe,  Asia Canada, and Mexico teaching her knowledge of the circle. She has taught and performed at events such as Enchanted Forest, Gem and Jam,  and HighTimes cup.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Hula Hoop Balance and Contact Rolls

    90 min | Flow Zone

    Together we explore different balance positions and easy body rolls to add to your hoop flow. Starting with different one leg varieties of knee hooping we slowly work into mermaid, dancer , and tree pose! Beginners welcome. Next we will learn basic palm and face hula hoop balance techniques. Time to clown around! Last we look into using the outside of the circle as a rolling surface that can be manipulate all over your body from chest rolls, back rolls, leg rolls and more. Dive in deep to this impressive section of hoopdance

  • Hoop Isolations - Illusions Explained

    90 min | Flow Zone

    Single, double even triple hoop isolations!? In this class we will explore the beauty of circle optical illusions and how you can master them. Start with basic inside ios and barrel rolls these stagnation tricks are a crowd pleaser ! Next let's learn how to move our isolations along the vertical wall plane exploring Cateyes, antispins ghost isolations and more. This get intense when we add a second hoop and dive into twin tech. We will discuss pendulums fundamentals and drill new multiply plane concepts that keep with the isolation theme! (such as 360 isolations.)


Festival Locations:

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