ImaNaviah Rose

Ima Rose has been described as “a tremendous channel for healing and activation.”
Healer – Artist – Muse – Mystic – Mother – Catalyst – Her passion for metamorphic evolution and empowerment has been the driving force behind her life’s path and medicine journey. Ima Rose is the creatrix and vessel for Soul Garden Alchemy, The Imaginal Awakening Process, Quantum Flow Bodywork, and The Yummy Yoni Revolution. She is the proprietess of the Rose Temple of the Imaginal Heart located in Vernon, BC, is currently writing her first book “Reclaiming Motherhood: Sacred Birthing as a Rite of Passage” and creating the Soul Garden Alchemy Oracle Deck.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Imaginal Adventure

    45 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    Join ImaNaviah Rose on a magickal adventure deep into the realms of ImagiNation! Connect with your guides and allies and discover the power of your true magickal self! Perfect for kids of all ages!

  • Sacred Soul Song Journey

    45 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    Join ImaNaviah Rose on a Sacred Journey through song, sound and vibration. Bring your instruments (drums, rattles, singing bowls, bells, etc) and voice if you wish to contribute, or just bring your body and ears if you wish simply to journey and receive. The songs will not come from a book, or be preplanned, but instead will be co-created and woven from the songs held within our hearts and souls, spanning timelines, incarnations and dimensions. No experience necessary!

Festival Locations:

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