Gaby & Raj Sundra + Rono Smith & Sierra Sullivan

The troop behind The Tangle is two couples, ambassadors of fun Gaby & Raj and pleasure provocateurs, Rono & Sierra. Together they’ve got decades of marriage and over almost a century of coaching/teaching experience between them in a variety of realms including relationship, business, women’s empowerment, sports and more. No matter what topic they cover, what’s refreshingly different about them is they blend the sacred with the silly, personal development with the playful all while creating extraordinary experiences in life, love and spirituality. They support and celebrate couples in disrupting the default in relationship and instead, inspire a relationship designed for delight.

The Tangle is the tool that brought this playful and profound team together to help couples and individuals dance it out and use The Tangle to untangle from emotional or physical entanglements. .

Workshops & Presentations

  • Poof Goes the Power Struggle - Cure Conflict & Create Connection with Tangle Dance!

    90 min | Flow Zone

    Come untangle your relationship power struggles in a playful way incorporating dance, personal development, and healing. Explore the alchemy of the dance floor, embrace the embodiment of personal development of the heart, expand your sense of mutual acceptance, appreciation and playful partnership. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been playing a game of tug-o-war with your partner when it comes to who’s “in charge” in any given moment or if you’ve ever wish you and your partner could dance together with more freedom yet still be deeply connected, if you want a new way of exercising together that makes you laugh and can even turn you on, then come check out the Tangle Dance!

Festival Locations:

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