Emile Janse

Emile is a multi-instrumentalist sound healer with focuses in harmonic throatsinging, handpan, didgeridoo, and flute. He has been teaching and conducting sound healing workshops around the bay area California and the west coast for three years. Emile studied sound healing at Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness and has worked closely with prominent sound healers Danny Goldberg and Guy Douglas. Emile is also a member of the Human Light Ship, an eclectic and emerging group of sound and energy healers working to unlock forgotten potentials in humanity’s DNA.

Workshops & Presentations

  • All Levels Harmonic Throatsinging

    75 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    What is throatsinging? Who are the Tuvans? What is the difference between western overtone singing, Tibetan chant, and throatsinging from Tuva and central Asia?

    A brief history will be given on the mysterious and powerful art of multi-pitch singing: who practices it and for what purposes. Then, learn how to begin your own throatsinging practice today. No prior singing experience necessary.

  • Transformational Vocal Alchemy

    75 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    The voice is a curious and amazing thing. In this workshop you will learn how to move, direct, and channel massive amounts of energy through the voice for healing and empowerment. There will be frameworks given to work with; the intention being to use the practices in an intuitive way. We will be exploring intra-personally and inter-personally (individually and as a group).

Festival Locations:

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