Elliotte the Unicorn

Elliotte the Unicorn is a Soul Marketer and healing arts guide. Her passion is to inspire people t0 liberate their silly side (the flow state of joy-full play), make more magick in the world and sparkle together.

In 2016, Elliotte and her daughter co-founded the Unicorn Scouts, a creative leadership organization cultivating artists, innovators and change makers of all ages. Their mission is to empower, inspire and support the sacred wild child in us all as we make our dreams and visions into rainbow reality. The Unicorn Scouts offer conscious life crafting, playful empowerment activities and a collaborative community to bring people more joy, freedom, power and connection.  Their successful 2017 Kickstarter created a Full Rainbow kit of whimsical unicorn missions to activate their inner magick.

Elliotte has already helped more than 1,000 people make their own unicorn horn.

Elliotte’s team has created the Unicorn Nation Station at Maker’s Faire Bay Area 2017 (winning Editor’s Choice and Best in Class awards), East Bay Mini Maker’s Faire, Lucidity Festival 2017 and Oregon Eclipse. They have also collaborated to bring activities to Urban Montessori school, West County Health Center’s Stress Reduction Through the Arts, Google’s #IAmRemarkable,  Enchanted Forrest Gathering and Soul Play Fall Fest. 

A former VP of marketing and public relations for tech startups, Elliotte now works with “rainbow tech” – the unicorns of spiritual healers, coaches, artists and entrepreneurs. Her professional services include soul marketing, compass content, and sparkling biz consultations.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Sparkle Vision Glasses and Glitter Painting

    90 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    We are made of glitter - the stardust of the cosmos formed our blood and bones. In this all0ages conscious life craft, we'll begin with a brief meditation to see our glitter inside, and all around us. We'll then create special sparkle glasses to wear as we paint a mural celebrating Pacha Mama. Every participant will keep their sparkle glasses to boost their magick vision, while the collaborative mural will become a part of the Family Garden.

  • Make Your Unicorn Horn & Scout for Rainbow Treasure

    90 min | Soul Palace Imaginarium

    In this family-friendly play-shop, everyone will make their own unicorn horn and fill it with magick and love. We'll then create Unicorn Mission teams to scout for rainbow treasures - discovering nature's beauty andcreating joyous human interactions throughout Family Garden. We'll create a bridge of whimsical play between children and adults, and every participant will make more magic in the world while finding it in themselves. A gathering of unicorns is called a blessing. This award-winning conscious life craft and empowering activity has been completed by more than 1,000 fellow Unicorns!

Festival Locations:

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