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Dr. Nick Berry, Pharm. D is passionate about healing through natural medicine and technology. Through his small botanical company, Essential Oil Wizardry, Dr. Nick travels the world searching for the finest botanical extracts on the planet. With over 200 organic / wildcrafted products, Dr. Nick’s company reflects the essence of a modern day apothecary. Using his botanical based pharmacopoeia, Dr. Nick develops therapeutic formulas, essential oil tinctures, botanical perfumes, ceremonial blends, massage oils, natural deodorant and magick misters. Formulas are artistically enhanced using crystal bowls, orgonite and monoatomic minerals.

Experience a whole new quality of essential oils ~ Learn more about Dr. Nick and his products at:

~ Ancient Healing with Modern Medicine ~

Workshops & Presentations

  • Essential Oil Wizardry Playshop

    90 min | Altar of Water

    Essential Oil Wizardry playshop is a multi-sensory, fully synesthetic experience. Courses are perfect for beginners, while providing an enriching experience for EO aficionados. We will share alchemical botanical essence blends, vaporize different EOs, discuss daily uses, sacred anointing, explore the therapeutic value of several EOs, and discuss methods of application.

    Through this experiential playshop, participants will learn how to add value to their daily routine using essential oils & alchemical blends sourced & developed through the Docta.

    Participants will:
    - discuss therapeutic application 5-10 EO
    - pass around custom formulas concocted by the Docta
    - learn about infusing EO into drinks
    - discuss & experience EO vaporization
    - end with some delectably EO enhanced chocolate


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