Lynda Arnold is a master Sound Healer, Vocalist & Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer and seasoned Performer on a life long mission to build healthy communities through the power of sound and music. She offers sound healing workshops, private sound baths and singing for wellness sessions in Los Angeles and has appeared at Shakti Fest, Bhakti Fest West, Lightning in a Bottle, Sound Meditation SF, Burning Man, Unicef Masquerade Ball and Lucidity Festival among others. Her intention is to provide a gateway for people to reduce stress, transform consciousness and heal through sound and meditation.

She received a Certificate in ‘Sound, Voice and Music Healing’ at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in 2010. This ground breaking program designed by voice healing luminary, Silvia Nakkach, featured a dozen visiting teachers specializing in different Sound Healing techniques in addition to Silvia’s Yoga of the Voice training and repertoire. After the yearlong program, Lynda went on to study Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing with master practitioner and educator Suren Shrestha. She also holds a Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 certificate. Her private sessions combine the Tibetan Bowls with other sacred sound instruments like tuning forks, chimes and flutes. She works with people to unlock the power of their voices for well-being with simple exercises to build confidence in the instrument we all possess.

As a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and music producer, she has spent years collaborating with other artists and bands and touring in support of her releases. She has multiple album and single releases on labels EMI, Clubstar (Germany), Geomagnetic (San Francisco), RTFM/Sugo (San Francisco), Epiphyte (San Francisco), Temple Music Group (San Francisco) and her own imprint, Digital Bliss Recordings.

Workshops & Presentations

  • 108 Morning Oms

    60 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    This exercises focuses on starting the day with chanting 108 Oms. The workshop begins with a talk about the significance of the seed syllable and sound 'Aum' or 'Om', a breath and vocal warm-up and then the 108 Om chanting. Lynda will guide the meditation and we will chant over her original soundscapes and sound healing music.

    This probably will not take a full 60 minutes and I ideally visualize this being on one of the bigger stages as a morning ritual exercise so as many people can attend as possible to come together as a unit and bring the collective resonance of our voices together on a grand scale.

  • Opening Your Voice through Devotional Singing Practice

    60 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    Lynda Arnold is a certified Sound Healing expert, professional musician, recording artist and educator on the path to building healthy communities through the experience of music and sound.

    Come experience a dynamic workshop that incorporates various vocal healing arts drawing from different traditions, including toning, call and response singing, healing sounds for the organs, Sanskrit mantras and more. Learn how to tune into your body and bring awareness to the power of your own voice. You will learn how to take care and strengthen your voice including good technique so you can continue to use it as a healing force in your own life and meditation practice.

  • Language of Light Sound Meditation

    90 min | Sacred Frequency Sanctuary

    Torkom Ji and Lynda Arnold (Divasonic) are LA based sound healing/meditation facilitators and performers working tirelessly for many years to create experiences for healing, personal growth and transformation. They incorporate their own unique array of instruments and sounds into their personal practice and have come together for this masterful blend of frequencies.

    Together they will create a space of wonder and bliss, riding the edge of sound meditation and innovative spiritual electro-acoustic music. This sound healing centers around creating a safe and grounded space to dive deep within the mind and spirit.Come explore the space between, where pure potential lies but is still undefined, and bring that to the surface for healing and transformation. Create space for internal sound journeying to resolve and release tensions, receive answers and cultivate a deeply restful state of integrated awareness.


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