Direct Action Community Activism Panel

Panel Members:

Curtis Reliford is the founder of Follow Your Heart Action Network, a grass-roots, non-profit organization started after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. In his travels across this country to make deliveries of donated goods to the displaced people of Louisiana, he witnessed the needs of people on Indian Reservations, ghettos, and the poorest communities.

Melissa Ilana Cohen is a lifelong activist, and has spent the past 15 years of her life dedicated to the local and national food co-op movement as a vehicle for social change. Her unique position in the dynamic community of Isla Vista has afforded opportunities to create lasting and productive bridges between diverse areas of UC Santa Barbara, affiliated organizations and the Isla Vista Food Co-op.

Derrick Broze is a freelance investigative journalist, author and activist whose work focuses on empowering communities by promoting decentralized solutions for our physical, spiritual, mental and psychological worlds.

Logan Sullivan is a senior-level humanitarian aid worker and advocate, conservationist, animal welfare activist, author, online instructor and host of the IMPACTivism Podcast.

Larry Klink is the founder and director of the grassroots Koh Rong Emergency Services clinic in Cambodia. For years, he was only trained medic on the island responding to all emergencies with only a certificate as a Wilderness First Responder. Larry’s headstrong reputation lead him to open the clinic based on the dare that he couldn’t and he has sourced Koh Rong island with western medical professionals and medical supplies purchased with fund-raised donations and his personal accounts ever since.

Tatiana De Guzman is the host of this inspiring panel; she is a graduate of the UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Philosophy, emphasizing in Ethics and Public Policy, former member/maintenance manager of the independent housing cooperative the ‘Faux Op’ in Isla Vista and previously the clinic administrator for the grassroots organization Koh Rong Emergency Services. She is also a longtime collaborator at Lucidity Festival since year one as a tarot reader, installation artist, content curator and once upon a dream- Village Guardian of the Warriors’ Way.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Direct Action Community Activism Panel

    90 min | Altar of Spirit

    Lucidity invites you to awake from your dreams and become part of the Rising Dawn; be inspired to rise up and take action in your local community by becoming a direct action activist. Listen to the voices and stories of ordinary citizens who have had a practical and direct positive impact in their communities. These activists efforts have effected change as a movement towards taking personal responsibility for one's surrounding environment and one's self as a integral, live, reciprocating part of his/her microcosm community.


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